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What is disability insurance?
Insurance designed to provide an income in the event the covered insured suffers a sickness or injury and is unable to work?
Why do I need disability insurance?
Disability insurance equals paycheck protection.  We insure our cars, homes, possessions, health, etc., why not insure our income.
What are the most common causes of disability?
Musculoskeletal/Connective Tissue Disorders account for greater than 40% of all disabilities, while injuries account for less than 11% of all new claims according to the 2012 U.S. Group Disability Rate & Risk Management survey performed by GenRe.
When is the best time to purchase individual disability coverage?
There is no time like the present.  If you feel it is important to have an income going forward in the event you suffer an illness or injury and cannot work, you are a prospect now.  Premiums are based upon age and medical history.  The longer you wait the greater the cost and you have no guarantee of your insurability in the future.
How much does disability insurance cost?
The cost is a function of age, gender, your occupation or specialty, your place of employment and overall medical history.
What is "own-occupation" disability coverage?
A policy including an "own-occupation" definition of disability provides benefits if unable to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation or medical specialty, regardless of your ability to engage in or earnings in another occupation or specialty.  This is the top definition of disability.
How much disability coverage do I qualify for?
The amount of disability coverage you are able to obtain is the function of your income and other coverage you may have.  Residents and Fellows are automatically  eligible for $5,000 per month, new doctor's entering practice are automatically eligible for $7,500 per month; otherwise, insurance carriers will issue and participate to approximately 60% of your taxable income.
Why do I need individual disability coverage when my employer provides Group Long Term Disability (Group LTD)?
Group LTD plans include a limited definition of disability, are typically not portable, the benefits coordinate with a host of other sources and coverage is subject to change or be cancelled at any time.  You have no control whatsoever.  In contrast, with individual disability coverage, you have the option to be covered in your specialty, coverage is fully portable, there is no coordination of benefits, benefits and coverage are guaranteed to age 65.  You have complete control.
Am I able to increase my coverage in the future?
You can choose to include a Future Increase Option Rider allowing you to increase your monthly benefit in the future regardless of health status, subject only to financial underwriting.
Are my premiums waived once disabled?
Yes, your policy will include a waiver of premium benefit that will waive premiums after your elimination period for as long as your are disabled.
Can my individual disability coverage be cancelled?
Assuming you purchase a guaranteed-renewable policy, your policy cannot be cancelled to age 65 as long as premiums are paid on time.
How do I obtain a quote?
Please complete the quote request and you will be contacted within 24 hours with any additional questions and then provide a quote.  Depending on the amount of coverage applied for, you may be required to submit to a brief paramedical exam and the insurance carrier may request records from any attending physicians.  The application process usually takes two to four weeks.  If you have the opportunity to obtain coverage through a Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) program, the turnaround time to receive your policy is usually less than two weeks.

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