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Key Considerations In The Purchasing Process

•    You get what you pay for; Make sure you are purchasing a definition that suites your needs.  Read and understand contractual language.

•    Be sure you understand the “definition of disability” within your policy.  You don’t want to be disappointed at time of claim.  

•    Use a representative that specializes in individual disability.  Far too often, financial representatives in this industry are selling a wide
      variety of products and not specialized in any one area.  This is no different than using a specialist for health care.

•    Use a representative who is not captive with any one company and is able to objectively compare and contrast policy features, language
      and cost among carriers.

•    It’s important to work with a representative who has first-hand claims experience.  Most individuals selling individual disability
     coverage have little to no experience in handling claims.  This experience is invaluable.  

•    Make sure you select a company that is financially sound.  Ratings Agencies such as A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard and
     Poor’s specialize in rating insurance companies’ ability to meet its obligations.  You should consider companies rated “A” (Excellent) or better.